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20160112_153549_Night_resized-2.jpg         (27.5 x 38mm)

MOT35xxGC, MOT35xxGA series of Integrated TEC controller plus laser driver modules:

A series of integrated TEC & Laser driver modules comprising of all the variants of laser configurations (GC, GA, CC, CA) with current ratings uo to 1A. The TEC controller section could be ±2.5A or ±3A.

These modules are very compact and could be designed into your products with very little efforts.    

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MOT350_OEM is a small footprint OEM board to be used with our new Integrated TEC + LD modules.

  • Supports all variants of the Integrated TEC + LD modules.
  • Includes power supply sequencing circuit for the dual supplies laser drivers.
  • Includes supply filtering for low noise opperation.
  • Stand alone or host control.
  • On board dummy laser load.
  • Allows butterfly laser mount to be monted on top.

MOT350_OEM with Butterfly laser mount assembly provides a very compact laser control and drive system having all the required functions including TEC controller. 

The two boards can be connected using the ribbon cable connector (shown in the picture) or with pin headers.

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Recently Releasased

MOT6550GC Dual mode Laser Driver modules - Allowing Constant Current or Constant Power Laser Control

(Available in 250mA, 500mA and 1A versions for both Grounded Cathode [GC] and grounded Anode) styles.

MOT6550-2.jpg MOT6550GA_gimp-2.JPG