Precision TEC Controller Modules, MOT7000 & MOT3000 series:

DSCF0399_gimp.JPGThese precision temperature controllers are used for driving Peltier Thermo-Electric Coolers (TECs) where accurate temperature control is a prime requirement. These electronic modules incorporate all the necessary components and control loop compensation networks in order to minimize the design time required to be ready for use in the end equipment.

Extensive filtering and unique ripple-cancellation technique optimize component size and efficiency while reducing noise. Differential design has been used throughout in order to maintain better than ±0.005°C temperature stability. Output current, rather than voltage, is directly controlled to eliminate current surges.

Individual heating and cooling current and voltage limits provide a high level of Peltier TEM protection. The modules are provided in a small footprint package and are specified over the Industrial Temperature Range. 

Also available as a board level product - see MOT7000_OEM series.

MOT7001 is identical to MOT7000 except it allows individual +ve and -ve  current adjustments within the maximum current rating.

MOT3000-25 is a new design with ±2.5A maximum current rating and ±0.002°C temperature stability.


  • ±2A, ±2.5A, & ±3A Maximum TEC Current
  • Temperature Stability Better than 0.002°C
  • Adjustable TEC Voltage Limit
  • Adjustable TEC positive & negative currents( MOT7001-xx , MOT3000-25)
  • Voltage Programmable TEC Current Set
  • Slow Start Circuit for TEC Protection
  • Very Low Noise and Low Ripple Design
  • TEC Current Monitor
  • TEC Temperature Monitor
  • Over and Under temperature Alarm
  • Small Footprint (20mm x 27.5mm)
  • -40°C to 85°C Operation
  • Fully RoHS compliant.

Selection Table:

Part #

Max. Output Current




±2A Adjustable




±3A Adjustable


±2.5A Adjustable

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